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why us

We have team members who have gone through the process themselves, and SUCEEDED, and are schooling in various countries across the globe. We can guide you through the process so that you can also succeed.


We Do It All

Looking for a school in “the abroad” can be quite a herculean task considering that some persons might be very busy at work. 

Comparing course modules, fees , cost of living across cities, and getting first hand tips on how to navigate your new country is another part of the journey. 

We can help you navigate with ease. Our country of focus is the United Kingdom for now and we hope to expand soon. 

schools search

Get help with sifting through tons of schools and courses.

find cost of living

Having an idea of where you will live and how much it will cost you really helps. We can signpost you or help you. 

compare course modules

This is really helpful as most courses have modules that are similar depsite the name of the course.

visa application guide

We can guide you through this process detailing all you need to know. 

Tips for settling down

Feel free to chat us anytime and we will answer any questions that you might have. 

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