Infectious Disease Specialist in Nigeria’s Epicentre Shares Experience in COVID19 Management.

At Oumissa Inspire, we are curating a pandemic diary documenting the experiences of people from different backgrounds as they go about their lives at this time.

In the fourth of the series, our content creators; Farida Bakare and Damilola Olowoshile spoke with an infectious disease specialist whose work is critical in the COVID19 management team in Nigeria’s epicenter of Lagos.

This doctor states the daily tasks as being heavily in preventing and controlling infection. Other areas include training health workers and assessment of standards in health centres. All of this is done on the bedrock of a rich career in infectious diseases.

On further enquiry, we are taken back to the Ebola epidemic of 2014 and how that outbreak was different from this. For one, COVID19 has now lasted far longer than Ebola did in Nigeria with the latter having far fewer affected patients nationally.

While scientists working to control coronavirus spread has been beset with grappling with new knowledge unfolding as the days go by, Ebola had been widely studied for years before it showed up in Nigeria. But in essence, the lessons from 2014 were invaluable in the pandemic response we all are living through right now.

Further along, he relates the physical and mental toll on healthcare workers working to end the scourge of this virus. It takes its toll on their families as well. Staying strong and continuing the efforts require a great deal of support from sources like spouses.

In spite of the challenging nature of managing the cases, there are some happy moments which include the recovery of a lady in her 90s. With these positive outcomes, collaborative prevention efforts and more experience gained in treatment since our index case, there lies hope that we reach clear coasts soon.

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Author: Mariam Toye

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