Behind the Scenes in health podcast


We have realized the value of guidance and mentorship in healthcare. Our podcast is created for players in the healthcare space including students studying in different healthcare disciplines, seeking solutions, insights, and  mentorship.

behind the scenes in health


The Podcast is a weekly series where we talk about various topical issues in healthcare like careers, health entrepreneurship, healthcare worker burnout, staff welfare, finances, investment, and training among others.

We have these discussions with key players in the industry who get to share their journey.

To make the process more interactive, we also hold a weekly Twitter Spaces session to allow liseners interact with speakers, and also send a weekly newsletter. There is also the chance to get on the Podcast show.

If you wish to come on the podcast show to share your journey, please send an email to

Please also share your LinkedIn profile with us to allow us know you better. 


healthcare entrepreneurship

Understand the nature of healthcare entrepreneurship. 

healthworker migration

Hear from healthcare professionals who have successfully migrated. 

getting into healthtech

We share light on what you can do in the healthcare space.

career advice

Listen to healthcare industry experts share valuable nuggets and insights. 

personal finance

Glean from investment gurus on how you can buidl your finances as a healthcare worker.

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