Top 7 Reasons why your Medical/Healthcare practice needs a Website

I am currently working on a project. The project is about creating a concise directory of hospitals in Nigeria, complete with addresses, contact phone numbers, and websites. The idea is to make it easier for healthcare consumers looking for hospitals to easily find them online, look at their services, and if possible, their pricing, and most importantly, a means to contact them and make inquiries.

I had barely gone halfway into the project when my team hit another snag. We are supposed to categorize the hospitals based on the type of services offered. For example, a hospital is called a specialist hospital, there is no mention of the type of specialist services offered bearing in mind that there are various types of medical and surgical specialties.

How then do we find a hospital and at a glance find out everything we need to know about the hospital and make an informed choice?

We are in a digital age and not having an online presence could have a negative impact on your business. I tell colleagues that a website is really a communication tool in this age and time. Not having one can be equated to not having a mobile phone. See?

So why don’t you have one? Every business needs a website including yours.

Here are the 7 top reasons why your medical/healthcare practice should have a website.

Communication: Your website is a very good way of telling the world about your practice, office hours, and services offered, pricing, and most importantly your value proposition. It is the fastest way to be contacted by consumers who are looking for a place to access medical care. It is easy for clients to book appointments with doctors which can help you optimize your practice.

  • Credibility: A website gives your medical practice confidence and a good measure of credibility. Without a website, you will greatly reduce the chances of reaching new clients and even business partners.
  • Visibility: A lot of searches are done these days online. What happens when you are not online or have a web presence? It is very simple, you or your business cannot be found.  An online presence helps customers, potential employees, vendors, and even investors to quickly and easily find out more about your business and the products or services you offer.
  • Cost: Having a website is not very expensive compared to other forms of marketing. You simply pay a one-off fee and create a site, and then you can update or upgrade as your budget allows. If cost is a barrier, you can build it yourself using WordPress or Wix.
  • Mobile Exposure: The number of mobile phone users in Nigeria has been put at roughly 25m to 40m users and this number has been forecasted to rise. Not having a web presence means missing out on this volume of potential clients.
  • Ease of Referral: A simple and well -crafted website makes it easy for colleagues to refer patients to you. Your website can have referral forms built-in, in addition to being easier to find.
  • Round the clock presence: Having a website means you are in business 24/7. A lot of people who are surfing online tend to look for information in their free time which can be in the evening or even late at night. Imagine that your admin staff have closed by 5pm and gone home.

With a website, someone can easily leave a message on a contact form, or have a bot chat with the person in real time. Recently, with integrations to WhatsApp or Telegram, clients can chat with staff in real time.

There are a lot more reasons why you should have a website, but these are the important ones.

What are you waiting for?

You can decide to build your website yourself or have someone build it for you. But whatever decision you make, you cannot postpone having your website past today. Just do it!

Go ahead and create one today. If you need help. We are glad to help. Send us a message here.

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