Healthcare packages

Staying healthy and remaining healthy requires some level of intention and also being proactive. It is well known that early detection is key to great outcomes for most diseases. 

This means regular health checks even when you feel perfectly healthy. Our carefully designed custom screening programmes/health checkups  help with the screening and early identification of a number of chronic conditions to aid early treatment and management. 


Women's Health

Our women are our pride. They are commonly affected by breast cancer, cervical cancer, and rarely, ovarian cancer. 

men's Health

Prostate cancer is exclusively a disease of men, and like most cancers, one might not feel any signs or symptoms until

Pre marital health Test

Getting married to the love of our lives is one of the most beautiful things ever but it is also important to know the

Domestic Staff Screening

Domestic workers work for you, will possibly live with you and be in close contact with your family hence it is very important 

STD profile

Being sexually active leaves a lot of persons prone to getting infected with different types of sexually


DNA Paternity test

Paternity disputes are not uncommon these days, and the best way to determine paternity and resolve these issues is through DNA testing.

pre employment screening

Pre-employment medical examination helps to determine that your prospective employee is medically fit for employment. 

Food Handlers test

In places where food is produced, processed, packaged, and even served, it is very important that kitchen staff are properly

School Staff Program

It is important that school management improve the health of their staff, through regular medical screening, and health awareness talks

Staff Health

By optimizing staff wellness and health, employers and business owners can be assured of increased productivity.

Cancer screening

Cancers are not our friends in anyway  but due to lifestyle, family/hereditary factors, and occupational risks/exposures, we 

Comprehensive Health Check