Health Tech Internships

Are you a driven and aspirational healthcare professional or student hoping to use technology to change the healthcare sector? A special chance to obtain practical experience and take part in cutting-edge projects that directly influence patient care and wellbeing is provided by our Health Tech Internship programme.

about the internship

Healthcare professionals and students who want to work in the healthcare sector and obtain real-world experience should take advantage of our Health Tech Internship Programme. Our programme, which aims to close the knowledge gap between theory and practise, provides a stimulating learning environment where you may work on creative projects, network with business leaders, and develop health technology. We aim to get you into health tech companies in Nigeria and diaspora. 

Streams available

Explore our range of Health Tech Internship opportunities below. We offer internships in various areas, including:

  • Software Development

  • Data Analytics and Machine Learning

  • User Experience Design

  • Health Informatics

  • Product Management

  • Digital Health Solutions

  • Project Management

  • Service Redesign

Looking for Internships?

Looking for interns? 

Join our Health Tech Internship Programme to begin a remarkable adventure. Obtain priceless experience, participate in worthwhile endeavours, and join a community working to transform healthcare through technology.

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Our hard work has put us out there and we are committed to staying the long term.

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