We are a specialist recruiter by virtue of our central presence and role in the healthcare space. We will provide a unique, flexible and unbeatable service for healthcare employers. We want to work with you to meet your hiring needs.

Once we know what you require, we will advertise the role(s) to suitable candidates on our extensive database of healthcare professionals in addition to advertising online if needed.

We will subsequently sieve CVs/resumes of candidates and send you a comprehensive shortlist of carefully selected candidates. We can also arrange interviews on request and provide custom recruitment just for you.

our area of expertise




Medical Laboratory science




Why use us?

We will increase quality of hire

We will reduce the time to hire including cost per hire

Eliminates administrative burdens

Our proven solution of candidate screening and evaluation will help you reach and secure the right talent, quickly and effectively to meet the needs of your business. Turnaround time is a maximum of 7 working days.