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Over time, we have realized that a lot of healthcare professionals outside the UK are soley focused on the clinical opportunities alone neglecting the vast opportunities that exist in the health tech space including the NHS. This also includes postgraduate students in various UK universities studying various health tech courses like MSc Health Informatics, MSc Digital Health, and are at a loss as to what opportunities they can look out for, how to apply for jobs and prepare for interviews.

This is the aim of this masterclass!

Who is this class for? 

Welcome to An Information Packed Class

Individuals and professionals looking to get a job:

  • Students 
  • Graduates 
  • Job Seekers 
  • First time job applicants. 



Sat 7pm

Dr. Ronald Ikpe

Mastering Supporting Statements.

Are you eager to land your dream job in the NHS or advance your career within the organization? The journey begins with crafting compelling supporting statements that catch the eye of recruiters and interviewers.

Your career is just a few steps away. Crafting stellar supporting statements and mastering interview preparation can make all the difference. Join us and embark on your journey toward career success.

Sat 7pm

Dr. Kene Oragudosi

Ace Your Interview: Expert Strategies for Success

Are you ready to transform your interview experiences from nerve-wracking to confidence-boosting? Whether you’re pursuing your dream job, switching careers, or seeking that promotion, mastering the art of acing interviews is crucial.

In this class, you’ll gain invaluable insights, expert strategies, and practical tips to navigate interviews with poise and excellence.

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Meet Your Host.

Ronald is a medical doctor and health content creator who is passionate about technology in healthcare. When not working, he teaches social media to healthcare professionals and creates YouTube videos. He tweets regularly from @ronikpe

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